FAQ's for Waukesha print and copy servicesQ: What is the difference between Matte and Gloss paper stock?

A: Matte stock is a coated paper that has a dull finish that is often used to make text-intensive pages easier to read. Gloss stock is a coated paper with a shiny or reflective finish often used
with 4-color printing to make colors appear more vivid.


Q: What is the difference between cover stock and body stock?

A: Cover stock is thicker than body stock and is commonly used for outside pages. Body stock is thinner and used for inside pages.


Q: What is 1-color printing?

A: 1-color printing uses only one color. Generally 1-color printing is black ink, although other colors such as red, blue, and brown can also be used.


Q: What is full-color printing?

A: The highest quality print publications are printed in full-color using the 4-color printing process. The 4-color printing process uses the CMYK or Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black process. Full-color allows you to choose from nearly any color possible for your printed material.